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Review | 2014 Fatyak Kaafu Kayak

Paddling Out

As we paddled out from the shoreline the Kaafu tipped, but it was very easy to get back on! Nothing more to worry about, other than the people sat on the beach seeing - wet within 30 seconds of hitting the water!

Due to the prevailing conditions and with an increasing swell, it was comforting to be seated in a bright orange kayak: we are sure that the Kaafu remained highly visible to the pair of fishing boats which were gently bobbing off of the coast and which later came closer in to shore.

The bow of the Kaafu is narrower than the Ocean Kayak Frenzy that we've grown accustomed and it curves upwards, making it skip over the surf as we paddled out, keeping the spray out of the deck and providing a good track.

At first the Kaafu felt a little unstable, but we soon came to appreciate its impressive manoeuvrability and turn of speed.

The stability came down to the conditions of course - and the incoming tide as we pressed against it - and was soon rectified once we’d paddled further out, away from the immediate confines of the cove.

Fatyak Kaafu

Out at Sea

We paddled past a group of people coasteering and stopped briefly, to watch them jumping from the rocks into the water. The Kaafu provided a feeling of security as we drifted, letting the waves take us closer, naturally. By now there was some water ingress in to the cockpit, but this was inevitable considering the conditions. We made a mental note that investing in a set of scupper plugs may prove worthwhile for the future. The water soon drained though, as channels are part of the design, to allow water to easily drain through to the scuppers.

Two shallow storage hatches, as mentioned earlier in our review, make excellent use of the space on board - the Frenzy has none. We only found it necessary to use one of these, with a dry-bag packed in to the rear bungee-secured storage well, filled with kit. However, the bungee-cord is attached at all anchoring points and doesn't have any open clips (as the Frenzy does) to release the cord. Being able to remove the bungee at a couple of points would aid with putting larger equipment in to this section of the kayak - we would think that it would be a useful (and easy) modification for Fatyak to make.

The rear storage-well also includes drainage channels so that kit isn't sat in water, if it should enter this section of the kayak.

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