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Review | 2014 Fatyak Mahee Kayak

Key Features

The Mahee has two dry storage hatches fitted as standard, sealed with tight, push-fit covers. These are ideal for storing keys, mobile phone and energy bars. They are secured to the hatch via the hull, so won’t be misplaced or lost and they also have eyelets fitted, to which we intend to fit paracord to aid removal with wet hands. As some manufactures charge extra for such useful additions, or provide the facility to cut your own in to the hull, it is brilliant to see these included as part of the design from the outset.

Storage is also well-catered for with a large, deep rear section which can be secured with the bungee cord, fitted. This is a really good storage space, providing ample room for a dry-bag, additional equipment or, if you’re so inclined, fishing gear. There is also a small storage tray, unsecured but useful non-the-less and two paddle-parks. Again, particularly useful if you’re fishing from the Mahee.

Fatyak Mahee Fatyak Mahee

As part of the well thought out design, the ergonomic handles to the sides, front and rear have been moulded in to the kayak itself, rather than fitted after the basic product has been manufactured. These make transportation from vehicle to water easier if you decide to carry the kayak with another person, rather than use a trolley and also assist when topping the kayak on to a roofrack. They are far more comfortable than some of the handles we have used on other kayak brands and on a long walk to launch, will make a significant difference to the user. It’s a cohesive design that has clearly been thought out by someone’s personal experiences, in addition to industry research.

The foot wells are staggered and feature shallow channels to help water drain through to the scuppers. And scupper plugs are available to aid dry capacity in choppy water, if required. Also fitted is a drain plug and as with all sit-on top kayaks, it is recommended that this is opened periodically, as small amount of water ingress to the hull is inevitable over time.

Whilst it isn’t something we’ll be doing, in addition to the paddle parks and large storage area, there is the facility to mount two fish finders, two forward and two rear facing rod holder mounts. This makes the Mahee a superb fishing kayak for one or two people and it can be kitted out with this equipment direct from the factory or added at a later date.

The Mahee is equipped with a range of recessed padeyes, all fitted with moulded-in brass anchors so they won’t rust and stainless-steel screws are used throughout.

Fatyak Mahee

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